How Does Your Organisation Fare with Strategy Execution?

There’s a webinar being held this Tuesday 5th December – 12noon UK time by Strategy Execution (a project management and strategy execution training specialist – they’re part of our training directory)

The webinar is called Why Strategy Execution Should be Top Priority For Leaders – Yet Often Gets Ignored – and it’s being delivered by Antonio Rodriguez who is always worth listening to – I would recommend taking the lunch hour to register and dial in for it.

Strategy execution is one of those terms that seems to have crept into conversations when discussing portfolio management – choosing the right programmes and projects to deliver which will meet the strategic objectives of the organisation – executing the strategy.

For many of us used to working at the delivery end of programmes and projects we may not necessarily wonder or worry about the bigger picture of why a particular project is being delivered – we just want to make sure that it is! This webinar might be a chance to sit back for an hour and reflect on some of the current challenges around project management within the organisation.


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