One Page Project Management CV?

I love it when job seekers try something different with their data. CVs or resumes certainly have their place and as much as people hating having to write them I can’t see them ever being replaced (I’d love to eat my own words though!) Last week at Project Challenge, a visitor to the stand shared an overview of their career so far. I liked it. I thought a simple timeline like this, added to the front of a CV is a good thing to do.

Not only does it give me a clear overview in one page, I also thought it was a good way to stand out. I mean standing out for all the right reasons, not just trying some gimmick that ultimately falls flat!

We are living in a world where we are overrun with content and recruitment is no different. We want to read the headlines first and then choose to read on or not. It is exactly the same when reading a CV, especially when you’ve already read about 99 in a day. This approach gives us something different, simpler – a headline which we can choose to read more in an accompanying CV.

Like I said, I liked it and I would be more inclined to have a chat too because anyone who is thinking differently about the way they are approaching job hunting is worth a conversation in my eyes. I believe its called “standing out in a crowded marketplace”




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If you’re interested in doing something different with your CV, take a look at the infographic we put together we hope it gets the creative juices flowing!



photo credit: scottkellum

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