Project Management Q&A: Do I Need Scrum Master to Work on More Exciting Projects?

I want to work on more exciting projects, something more innovative and digitally driven, do I need to become a Scrum Master to do that?

Organisations are not getting rid of Project Managers and replacing them with Scrum Masters to deliver innovative projects which may require a more Agile approach. Most are looking for their current Project Managers to develop their understanding of different approaches and to use the most appropriate for any given situation based on their own professional judgement.

To work on different types of projects, regardless of how new, exciting and different they are from where you are today is first of all gaining the knowledge of what the differences are and filling those knowledge gaps in your thinking. A good first step would be take a look at the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner to start deepening your understanding.

The most important change or difference between the roles are the styles of leaderships involved (moving from command and control to servant leadership) and with that, the biggest hurdle to overcome are the habits formed through managing traditional projects which are not helpful in Agile deliveries.

You’ll probably find that your future career in projects will use a myriad of different approaches to deliver them – with no one method or approach more dominant than the other. It’s about incorporating all the advances in project management into your development and not getting hung up on needing to have certain job titles to deliver certain projects.

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