Project Management Q&A: How Do I Find a Job After Relocating?

I relocated during the pandemic and need to find a new job. How can I build a new network – and fast?

Let’s hope COVID19 restrictions are lifted and we can get back to the face-to-face interactions which make networking – or relationship building – really productive, in the meantime you will have to get orientated virtually.

The Arras People job board (amongst others) will get you started on the hunt for a new role and through that you will start to build up a better picture of who is hiring in the neighbourhood.

Next, switch to LinkedIn. Before looking around for new contacts, make sure your existing network knows you have moved on to a new location, they could help you with the transition. With new contacts, you are looking for people with shared interests – by location, industry sector, types of projects or interests in specific areas of project management.

Don’t be afraid to make an introduction, tell them a little about yourself and how you are looking to build a new network, and if they have any tips that could help. Always make sure you tell them you are happy to reciprocate in any way you can.

There are plenty of online events going on right now – a chance to learn whilst you network so make sure you take part in a few. Make sure you also take a look at online events that are taking place closer to home too – don’t just think of networking within project management – it’s any type of business networking, try Eventbrite or Meetup to see what’s happening.

Finally, an idea that is worth pursuing if you aren’t seeing anything in your location to help you settle in and find work – create something.

There will be other people in the area who would love to buddy up and chat about the job approaches they are making, what works, what doesn’t. Or try out a meetup, ‘Agile Delivery Lovers in Boston, MA’. You build it and they will come.

If you would like further help with your project management career then why not take one of our careers advice sessions? You will receive tailor-made advice to help you progress your career.

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