Spreadsheets are time-consuming and unreliable, but what’s the alternative?

In the words of Intuit co-founder Scott D. Cook: “For every one of our failures, we had spreadsheets that looked awesome”.

Sound familiar? Spreadsheets have been the go-to planning and delivery format for project managers and programme leaders for almost 40 years, but at some point, they’ve failed us all. Not to mention the hours we spend creating and updating them.

Aside from the potential for human error (because we are, after all, only human!), spreadsheets and Gantt-style plans aren’t equipped for the increasingly complex, continual change most of us are managing.

Any of these issues ring a bell?

  • The info in your status reports is selective or out-of-date
  • You frequently have to collect, collate and format data for different stakeholders
  • The data you need is stored in various files and formats
  • You have to plan in a linear way (knowing that project delivery is never linear).
  • You’re spending hours carrying out repetitive manual reporting and governance

These are common issues the team at Sharktower hear a lot, and their project delivery platform can solve them. But they also understand that most teams can’t introduce new software overnight, even if it’s affordable and easy-to-adopt.

“Before we used Sharktower, someone used to sit around making updates to the Gantt chart 95% of the time, and only 5% of the time we would look at it as a group. Even then we would get through about 20% of it and never look at the rest.”

Download your free reporting Excel/PowerBI bundle!

So to break the cycle of copying and pasting, they’ve created a free reporting bundle to help you create automated timelines and reports using the tools you currently have.

These templates mean you can automate the report and give stakeholders the information they need in a fraction of the time. Just send them a link and they can access the report whenever they want.

What’s included?

There are two files as part of this bundle:

  • Excel Spreadsheet – this follows the typical ‘Project on a Spreadsheet’ view
  • PowerBI Template – pre-built visualisations showing key information and a sleek roadmap view including drill-down.

The files include full instructions of how to use them, outlining the steps to take to hook the data up with your PowerBI dashboard and some tips about embedding to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams.

What you’ll need

This is the kind of automated reporting that’s included with Sharktower, but if you’re not using Sharktower yet, it’s the next best thing.

If you’d like to know more about how Sharktower can help you bring your project planning and delivery up to speed, head to www.sharktower.com

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