Project Management Q&A – What’s the Difference between a Project Controller and Project Coordinator?

I’ve encountered job postings for Project Controllers and Project Coordinators. What’s the difference?

There are a couple of differences. The Project Controller role you tend to see more in industries like construction, engineering and manufacturing. They maintain the project plan and schedules, maintain the project budget and generally anything else the project manager needs.

The Project Coordinator role – as a title – is seen more in IT and other business projects. This role can also get involved in the same areas as a Controller; however, the Coordinator does tend to get more involved in team support and can also be coordinating a smaller project of their own. The similarities are that both roles are focused on supporting the Project Manager on day-to-day activities.

Salary levels are based on the amount of experience a person has and the level of responsibility given to them from the Project Manager. Both roles are often seen as an entry-level way into project management. They can both progress to Project Manager or opt to work in PMO or organisational project management roles.

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