What’s the Most Useful Project Management Training Course You’ve Taken?

Imagine if you could gain a list of which project management training courses other project practitioners have taken which they’ve found the most useful in their career?

What about a list of all the ones to perhaps avoid?

Next month I’ll be able to share that list with you because we’ve just kicked off the Project Management Census which features these questions as well as the usual project management market insights.

It takes about 10 minutes to complete – but you’ll be rewarded with some great insights for next year plus we’ve got some prize draws throughout the Census period

Prize Draws

  • 50 Free access to PPM Career resources
  • 5 Project Management Book Bundles (worth ££)
  • 5 Amazon Echo’s
  • 10 Free PM Clinics
  • 50 Free CV Keyword Report (like the ones mentioned here)
  • Ticket for the 2017 PMO Conference in London (worth £500)

Take part early and you’ll be in every prize draw each week – first draw takes place Friday 16th December! Good luck!


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