The Project Management Salary Guide 2015

Arras People have just released the Project Management Salary Guide. This is the most comprehensive report we have released in relation to project management salaries and has been put together following the release of the Project Management Benchmark Report (PMBR) at the beginning of the year.

We have so many insights that couldn’t fit into the PMBR otherwise we would have ended up with a weighty tome! So here is the Project Management Salary Guide which takes an indepth look into how project management salaries and rates are impacted by areas such as education level, the accreditations they undertake, even the type of projects they manage.

To kick off the new Project Management Salary Guide take a look at the average salaries for 2015:


We have also put together a one page view on what a current high earner in project management looks like:


To read the full 19 page report, download it here



To read the full Project Management Benchmark Report visit the website to download




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