A Big Change in Project Management

I’ve been working in project management and recruitment for years. In the early days, back in the late nineties, early noughties, the vast majority of people who worked in project management were second career project practitioners.

These are the people who started out their work life as something else before coming into project management by chance (mostly)

If you’re a certain age and work in project management today, chances are you are a second career project practitioner.

Yet look what’s starting to happen now.

Project management is becoming a first career choice

This insight comes from the latest Project Management Census, we’re still gathering data but this is a first cut:


What’s interesting about this?

Younger project practitioners coming into project management today don’t necessarily have any industry or domain knowledge like our older practitioners do.

They haven’t been engineers, technicians, constructors, <insert any other operational business role here>

They’re not working on projects because their previous career has given them works experiences, some techniques and business nous.

No, they’re project managers from day one.

So what else is interesting about this?

I don’t think the project management industry, the machine is ready for them.

If we think about the project management industry today – the big machine of professional bodies, the training companies, the software providers… It’s all aimed at people who are second career project practitioners.

But what about the first career practitioners? What do they need?

Is it different from the second career project practitioners?

Is there in fact any difference between first and second career project practitioners when it comes to the work they do?

We’re hunting for the answers because this is the future of project management and its changing. We want to try to understand how.

Help us with the hunt, add your experiences, let’s understand where project management is going

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