What Can I Do After I’ve Got My PRINCE2 Foundation?

Due to the popularity of PRINCE2 we find that all kinds of people actually take the PRINCE2 Foundation accreditation. They’re not all project management people either. Sure some are taking the PRINCE2 Foundation because they want to get into project management and PRINCE2 Foundation is seen as a first step in doing this (rightly or wrongly, this post is not about whether that’s the right thing to do). Others take it because they’ve somehow ended up in a position where they’re coming into contact with projects for the first time and want to take a course that can help them understand more about projects.  Even experienced project practitioners take the PRINCE2 Foundation because they’re catching up on long neglected development or they’re finding it hard to open new doors to opportunities without it.

The different types of people and different circumstances and situations people have will mean choosing what to do after you’ve taken your PRINCE2 Foundation will be different for each person.

If you want to carry on understanding more about project management you can either:

  1. Pick up a book (here’s a good place to start..)
  2. Get to grips with the job using some of your new PRINCE2 Foundation insights
  3. Take a project management fundamentals course
  4. Use social media to read around the subject (there’s 1000s of Linkedin Groups for example)
  5. Look at the PRINCE2 Practitioner course
  6. Look at APM, PMI, IPMA, BCS – in other words find out what the professional bodies have to offer you
  7. Do nothing at all for a while until you really know what you want to do.

These are my recommendations. Do you have other options for people to consider?

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  1. I recommended people to actually volunteer for something. There are lots of organisations out there who could benefit from having some of the skills that a project manager has. You won’t use all of the templates etc that prince foundation tells you about, but you will get to live the experience, and the volunteer organisation you assist will get some assistance.

    It shows that you are a get up and go person who helps out and sees their skills as transferable.

  2. I agree that voluntary experience is very valuable, in fact we get a lot of people calling in about where to gain this voluntary experience because it’s not immediately obvious where to go. I think I need to sort out a blog post on this subject because its not as straightforward as you think. Thanks Stuart

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