Project Managers Love Them Some APMG Certification!

Our most popular Ten in Ten Survey this year, by far, was the November edition, presented by APMG-International. And with the grand prize offer of a free APMG International course to be delivered by an accredited trainer, it’s with good reason. That’ll surely change later this month, as Maddison Group has an iPad up for grabs and the survey takers have flocked to us lemmings to the sea. But for now, APMG-International sits in the sun.

The participants (47% worked in project management, 12% programme management and 10% in PMO) in that November survey had some questions to answer to get in position for that certification. There really weren’t that many shockers in their response to our first deep question – as they flocked for a shot at PRINCE2, they agreed (95% of them, in fact) with the statement Formal PPM qualifications are valuable in terms of skills and career development.

How would you rate the importance of External Accreditation for a PPM Training Provider

These respondents also combined traits of traditionalism, flexibility, accountability and faith in training. To wit:

  • 46% said they preferred Classroom, tutor-led training, followed by 40% that liked a blend of classrooms and distance/Computer-Based Training (CBT) methods.
  • Seven in eight (87%) respondents answered “Possibly” or “Yes” when we asked Would the option of being able to take exams remotely encourage you to gain a PPM qualification?
  • Nine in 10 (91%) said “Possibly” or “Yes” when asked Would you or your employer opt for online/distance learning as a way of reducing costs.
  • 95% (67% Very Important, 28% Quite Important) said they valued the external accreditation of a PPM training provider.
  • Three things they liked most when asked about the most important factors for selection a PPM qualification – Career Progression/Professional Development, Reputation of Awarding Body, and Market Demand

To be clear – the people who came looking for an APMG certification believed in its value and viability, liked having options for examination, and wanted stellar training providers.

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