Is a PRINCE2 Virtual Classroom For You?

Meet Christine.

Christine is a mathematics and statistics graduate with over 10 years’ reward experience (a specialism within Human Resources). She began working as a freelancer in April 2016, providing reward consulting and project management services to clients. Since she got started, she has had two major assignments within a financial services organisation.

Christine’s background includes 8 years working for a leading international consultancy firm where she gained experience of private sector projects of varying sizes from relatively small job evaluation and market benchmarking reviews through to participating in the large-scale projects of client companies (some of which were major transformation initiatives).

Unbeknown to Christine, she had already been working on certain client projects using a PRINCE2 approach, for example using the risk register and issue log. Anyone familiar with the language of PRINCE2 will tell you that the managing of issue and risk registers is a very important part of PRINCE2 project delivery.

Christine’s background, experience and introduction to project management is typical.

She wanted to pursue more PRINCE2 knowledge and here’s how she did it, opting for a virtual classroom (SPOCE ONLIVE was the one she opted for)


What are the reasons why Christine chose to study PRINCE2 in a virtual environment?

“I had been thinking about additional study for some time and knew that an approach which tackled project management would be a great benefit to me in my assignments, as well as being a helpful CV enhancer. PRINCE2 was the route to accreditation that I planned to take and, as I had some well needed time off, this was a good opportunity to do some studying.  I wanted an interactive learning experience so I chose the Virtual Classroom rather than taking the e-Learning study route. Using a Virtual Classroom also meant that I didn’t need to commute to a training centre and it seemed to have the right mix of flexibility and support.

I chose PRINCE2 as it is a well-regarded and well recognised methodology. I wanted to be able to demonstrate my competence in the project management discipline with an externally recognised qualification.”

So, who does this virtual learning option suit and what are the benefits?SPOCE ONLIVE

Virtual Classroom training is the perfect learning option for people who want the flexibility of being able to study from work or home but want something a little bit more structured and supportive. Like e-Learning, delegates can log in remotely from almost any device. They can access and download a range of support materials.  But, in addition to this, options like SPOCE Virtual Classroom retains the human element of learning because the sessions are actually broadcast live by expert trainers.

Christine says:

“There was an element of humour and discussion similar to a classroom setting and I found myself motivated by this. The technology also enabled the teaching style to be very visual, as it would be in a classroom setting. The trainer would mark up diagrams on a whiteboard which often made it easier to follow what was being said and I believe this helped to make it more interesting for participants. In addition, pop up boxes with quizzes/polls were used at various points during the session. Through chat boxes, participants were able to raise questions at also discuss work related scenarios with the trainer, tapping into their expertise.

Another feature I love is the fact that you can access the recordings of any of the sessions that you purchase. So, if you do happen to miss anything that’s said during a session and want a refresh, or if commitments mean that you cannot attend for a day, you could log in at a later date and watch the recording. I remember re-watching  the ‘Quality’ section of the course to aid my revision.”

Technology can often put people off courses like this however Christine found the system very easy to use: “There were no significant hitches and the technology was incredibly easy to use.  Logging in wasn’t a problem and the trainer walked us through how to use the interface at the very beginning.  It’s very user friendly. You can adjust the size of the boxes on the screen and simply type a question or comment into the chat box as required.”

What’s next for Christine then…

“For the moment, I am pleased to have added this qualification to my CV and hope it will help me secure my next assignment.  I also have some great reference materials now such as the PRINCE2 manual. Working in the area of Human Resources, I would love to study Change Management at some point in the near future.”


SPOCE ONLIVEFind out more about SPOCE PRINCE2 Virtual Classroom


SPOCE are the flagship training company for PRINCE2 and have been delivering this accredited courses like PRINCE2 for 25 years. They are a global leader in delivering best practice training for project programme and risk management, offering a wide range of courses which can be tailored to suit any form of training need. For example, public classroom courses, e-Learning and now are one of the first in the industry to offer the ground-breaking virtual classroom training.  This training has received fantastic reviews since they introduced it to their delegates in 2017.

“The ONLIVE virtual classroom was great.  The trainers were effective and good humoured.  The classroom and revision materials were of a great standard and we received helpful exam technique tips for both Foundation and Practitioner – I signed up for Practitioner a month after sitting Foundation.”

And would you recommend SPOCE ONLIVE PRINCE2®?

Absolutely!  I would give this 10/10!

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