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I’ve just read a great article on Linkedin about sponsors by Terry Doerscher (he’s the author of the fab Taming Change book). There’s going to be a series of posts – all about how there needs to be more focus on project sponsors and how they do their job.

Later this week we’re also tackling the subject of sponsors from a PMO point of view at the PMO Flashmob event being held at West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue near Bradford.

It takes place on Thursday 21st September from 6pm – more details are available here.

Here’s the overview of the evening:

The Role of the PMO in Establishing and Embedding the Role of the Programme and Project Sponsor

A big title for a big subject, and a significantly challenging area, for a lot of PMOs.

Research and experience tells us that the role of the Programme and Project Sponsor is key to successful delivery. However, in many organisations, even those who recognise the need for a Sponsor, still see it as a figurehead rather than a role with defined activities.

In this session, we’ll explore what the PMO can do to establish the role within the organisation and then support the role during programme and project delivery.

The evening will include a talk by Eileen Roden on her experiences of working with organisations and sponsors with some group activities to share others’ experiences and ideas.

The event is staged by PMO Flashmob and you can book to come along to the event via the PMO Flashmob website

If you’re based in the North West or Yorkshire – you can sign up on the website to be notified of new events. Hopefully the M62 corridor (close to Arras People’s own home) will become a regular fixture for PMO Flashmob alongside London and Scotland.

There is also an event scheduled for Manchester in October too.

The northern PMO powerhouse?




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