The Basics for a Happy and Productive Day on Projects

We often forget about the basics of work – the act of being at work everyday and wanting to be productive, happy and ultimately achieve what we want to out of the day.

Here Genius Project give us some great reminders about making your day work better for you.

A study conducted by The Progress Principle shows that 76% of work days are considered successful when the employee feels they have made progress or a breakthrough. Well-being at work, requires pro-activeness.

We have assembled some tips to help you achieve work day success.

  • Setup a pleasant environment. Working in a pleasant and organized space promotes efficiency. A tidy desk, a green plant or a bright area will make you feel relaxed. And your computer must be organized; this will save you time from constantly looking for information.
  • Establish a morning routine. Habits vary, some people like to open a window for fresh air and others drink coffee. Some start by reading their emails and others prefer to open a dashboard to see progress and look at their daily calendar for what’s coming up. The key is in understanding your employees.
  • Take breaks. The well-being of your body is not to be overlooked. It is important to take real breaks. Come up for air, eat a healthy snack or take a few minutes to go for a walk. These are moments for your body to recover. Lunch also proves beneficial. Having lunch with colleagues, taking time to eat and sharing in casual conversation revives employees’ energies and helps them to feel more inclusive.
  • Set objectives. The days often pass quickly and unfortunately we do not take enough time to think. Take the time to reflect on a meeting you had, to take stock and to set goals. This will help employees focus on the most important tasks of the day.
  • Organize your tasks. By listing and organizing your tasks, you can set priorities. To be effective and not waste time, you should estimate the time needed for each task, delivery dates and set an order of priority.
  • Prepare for tomorrow. It may seem counter-intuitive to think about tomorrow, but preparing your next day at the end of your current day will make you even more productive!


genius-projectGenius Project are part of Arras People’s software directory which focuses on project management.

These tips can improve your daily work and help you be more efficient and positive. Some companies also deploy software to help employees work with more focus. Whether productivity or project management is the goal, Genius Project software will assist you and your by providing a global overview and being more efficient with the time. We wish you well-being at work!


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