Handbook of People in Project Management

Back in late autumn 2010 I was introduced to Dennis Lock and an epic journey began. We came together to co-edit a new book for Gower Publishing, a book that hadn’t really been written before and would eventually take almost three years to complete. It’s a book that I think should have been written years ago – something that would sit beside all the other books on project management that focused on techniques, tools and processes. It’s about the people side of project management. Without people we would have no projects yet without people we would probably all do a better job at delivering projects. It’s the one aspect we can’t do without – people are needed to manage and deliver projects for a whole host of other people who will use whatever the outcome is of the project.

For years within the project management community there has been a worrying lack of focus on the people side of project management, but how can we focus on something that is potentially such a huge topic area? Dennis and I had to start somewhere, and at the end of the project, we’ve pulled together 64 chapters that start to tackle this huge area of project management. The result? A huge book that really is eclectic – just like people tend to be.

Gower Handbook of People in Project Management

We brought together 44 different contributors – each delivering a chapter on their area of expertise. Some are practitioners, others academics, researchers and subject matter experts. It almost feels like a festival of project management – something for everyone regardless of your level of experience.

We’ve included some known theorists as well as more recent advancements in people management. We have subjects that lean towards the psychological whilst others are tried and tested management methods. We’ve looked at the human resources side of project management – with careers development and recruitment. We’ve also covered off the more behavioural competencies of project management – leadership; team management and influencing to name a few. We’ve also literally taken a leap of faith with a chapter on spirituality.

It really has been an epic journey – and for someone who loves to read it really was the equivalent of being locked in at a chocolate factory! It also feels like we’ve put the marker in the ground that says here marks the time when we started looking at the people aspects of project management more seriously.

This is a book that’s been written for people who don’t just deliver projects, they also feel passionate about their profession and want to be the best project AND manager they can be.

I’m looking forward to sharing some insights from the people who helped deliver this book over the last three years; I’ll be introducing them in the Camel blog over the next year!

To find out more about the book;  its authors; chapter titles; free access to the first chapter and a website discount, visit the website

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  1. An excellent addition to the PM bookshelf, which is well overdue – thank you. We have long been encouraging organisations to think about the 3 elements for project success – process, tools and the glue to hold it all together the people.
    We’ve ordered our copy!

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