24 Ways to Screw Up Your Project Management Job Application

As you can probably imagine we receive hundreds of project management CVs and applications every week here at Arras People and because we’ve been around quite a while (15 years, gulp!) we’ve pretty much seen it all.

Here are some of our favourites, here to help you avoid making the same mistakes (not that you would because you’ve already read our excellent project management careers advice pages and read countless things about project management applications on the Camel blog which has helped you avoid the nasties)

24. You apply for every job advertised with “Project Manager” in the title.

23. You’ve applied for the same job about five times

22. You think you’re clever hiding keywords with a white font on a white background

21. Those hobbies you’re listed are seriously weird, even dodgy.

20. You forgot the use the smell checker!

19. You called it PrinceII or some other variation instead of PRINCE2

18. You forgot to mention that you never actually finished that degree back in the late nineties.

17. You applied for a business project manager role with the opening summary line saying, scratch that, screaming IT PROJECT MANAGER.

16. You’ve got ‘great team player’ written somewhere on that CV

15. You’ve still got your age or date of birth still on there

14. You’re now 45 and still listing out your GCSEs – with the results in brackets.

13. You’ve wrongly smelt the name of the company you used to work for.

12. There’s text in boxes and a whole load of crazy formatting going on

11. The background to the CV is pink with green writing?!

10. There’s no evidence of any experience related to the job you’re applying for.

9. The CV is written in Times New Roman and it’s 7.25 font size to squeeze it into 2 pages

8. The CV is 15 pages long

7. There’s a half page of every single technical / IT thing going – even from the nineties

6. There’s a photo of you on the CV – at the beach bar last year in Ibiza

5. You’ve bullet pointed every single thing in the CV

4. It doesn’t actually say anywhere about what the project is about and how you managed it.

3. The dates don’t just add up in your career history.

2. You’re written all about the company you’ve worked for and how great they are – but what about you?

1. You forgot to add your contact details on your CV – name, email, phone number?

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