Five Ways To Use Us: Part I

Lean on Arras People when you're not strong on market knowledge. We'll help you carry on, maybe to a new role!

When times are tough and the phone calls pile up at the office, I take solace in the words and wisdom of Bill Withers. And I know, I know, I know, I know, I know, I know that you didn’t expect me to go there, but it’s true: Withers’ easy soul/funk fusion brought a coolness to his music that translated to historically underrated music that has been under-utilised on radio playlists and for ’70s-era theme parties. As one of his songs impressed upon me years ago, I’ve come to equate his “Use Me” as an appropriate phrase for the Arras People website, which – too often – is underrated and under-utilised as a tool. (Coolness sold separately)

I – WeLean on Arras People when you're not strong on market knowledge. We'll help you carry on, maybe to a new role! – hope this post can turn that around. For both Withers’ historical appreciation and that of Arras People. Mostly the latter, though: I doubt Bill’s crying for his own sake that much.

The Arras People website was re-launched in August to provide easier, traceable access to our vast array of resources and tools. Yet it may not always be so easy, and you may have gotten lost on the way to answers for your questions about the path to a role in programme or project management. When in doubt, a phone call to ask us what it’s all about is what it’s all about.

Yet we strive to make your experience with us easier, convenient and fulfilling. With that, we offer you 5 possible spots on the website for a job hunter to consider perusing before calling us up…

  1. Candidate Paths
    Whether you are looking for a new role, find yourself unemployed, or find youself looking for careers advice or resources, the Candidate Paths section is truly invaluable as a portal for various avenues to seek the counsel that a phone call simply can’t provide. For instance, by way of Paths, those of you looking for Career Resources can find themselves staring down links to our vast archive of newsletters, benchmark reports, bookshop and training directory, among many others.
  2. Careers Clinics
    I often end up telling candidates who call up seeking direct advice about their chances in the PPM job market that it would be unfair to advise them without thoroughly understanding where, exactly, they’re coming from prior to that moment in time. Fact is, without a CV at the consultant’s finger tips, the candidate simply can’t be told what they need to hear. The careers clinic, on the other hand, is the best way to maximise your ability to be told what you need to hear, as the consultant will have plenty of time to peruse your CV, ponder your specific career queries, and make a thorough evaluation step-by-step and point-by-point. Also makes for a great place to get high-level CV advice. In lieu of the £30 charge that comes with signing up with a clinic…*
  3. JobSearch Support Service
    Arras People and the JobCentre Plus have teamed up since April 2009 to provide services similar to that of the Project Management Careers Clinic, but for those professionals who find themselves out of work and in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance. So many referrals have come through in the last two years that we’ve attained Accredited Supplier status from the DWP, as candidates can get perspective and counsel on, personal stocktaking, CV construction advice, project management market intelligence, finding new opportunities and job leads, advice on analysing vacancies, employer selection techniques, job applications and techniques, even interview preparation.
  4. Training Directory
    Our latest rollout on the website is one we’re very high on, primarily due to the amount of certifications advice candidates seek from us each day. It’s a big pool for a candidate to wade through, but we’ve got you covered in project management training. The Training Directory (one of several different directories to be introduced in the months & years to come) aims to narrow the focus on the vast array of PPM training practitioners on the market. Wanna know more about the APM Group? PMI qualifications? Trainers based in the West Midlands? Profiles on the leading trainers we work with everyday? More information about the MSP qualification? There’s a great perspective available to you here that you can’t find anywhere else.
  5. Salary & Day Rate
    Finally, we come to it: what this PPM profession of ours is worth. This page is invaluable to both candidates and clients that want the lowdown on contracting and permanent pay in varying roles within project & programme management. Complete with individual links to our tabulations Day Rates and Salaries, Arras People combines the knowledge of both registration and the acclaimed Project Management Benchmark Report to provide an accurate understanding of what PPM personnel are worth against the inescapable variables that go with their work.

We’ll take a look next week at other ways you can use us for your betterment in the hunt for solid project management recruitment expertise. We’re always glad when folks turn to Arras People for guidance; we can make it if we try, just the two of us.

* – One partaker told us he was attracted to the Clinic because of the “value for money”. Just sayin’…

Image courtesy FaceMePLS and re-used with permission.


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