Snooze and you may loose – Job hunting in December

A common perception from clients and candidates is that this is a bad time of year to be looking for work.  Part of me feels that this an irrelevance in so much as you do not always choose when you are having to look for work.   You could always trying asking your current employer/client if they could hold off making you redundant or ending your contract until perhaps a better time; please let me know how that goes.

In the main we do see some quiet periods with the Summer holidays tending to be one of the main ones.  This is understandable as both clients and candidates (especially those with school age children) focused on taking time off.


In the past we have seen activity spikes just before holidays (is this people clearing their desks?) but the economic crises has removed some of these – if they ever existed in the first place.

The combination of festivities and annual closing of offices leaves candidates feeling recruitment also takes a break.  Our experience could not be more different!

Historically the second half of the financial year (September – March) is typically our busiest time.  Particularly the lead up to Christmas has tended to be very busy.   The cause of this phenomenon may have roots in the impending break and inevitable clearing of desks.  Unused or new budgets may also be a factor although this is hard to tell.

In general the assignments offer very interesting and challenging opportunities.  The perception of my candidate that there are no roles means that many do not bother to look, leading to limited competition – a real win-win.  My experience would further suggest that the candidates I do speak to tend to be those with a real passion and drive and hence give an excellent account of themselves at interview.

The message for candidates would, therefore seem to suggest that rather than closing up for the Christmas break you should put in extra effort and perhaps sneak that dream job whilst everyone else is snoozing on the sofa.

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