Project Management Q&A: What’s the Best Way to Promote My Knowledge and Career Brand

What’s the best way to promote my knowledge and career brand without alienating my organization and team members?

You’re wanting to share your knowledge and experiences with the wider project management community and part of that is about where you’ve gained that knowledge and experience. Sharing that should only be perceived as a good thing for the organisation you work for, after all, it’s also demonstrating to the wider community that this organisation is also doing good things worth talking about.

If you’re taking on speaking gigs and becoming recognised it’s only right that you’re gaining permission to do that from your organisation first – I’m sure there is a protocol of who needs to sign off on that where you work. Where team members are concerned, why should they be alienated if you’re carrying on doing a great job and also telling the wider community how important the team is in project management – which is what you’re doing right?

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