Project Management Q&A: How to Find a Graduate Level Project Role

I have recently graduated and looking for a project related role in an organisation but finding it difficult and demotivating, how can I improve my chances?

Graduate level roles have always come with a high level of competition and in recent times with the pandemic it has been even more frustratingly difficult. Not only are there generally less graduate jobs available, but graduate jobs in project management also are not as common as you might think.

There are assistant level project manager roles available but it’s the other types of roles in project management that make better graduate entry positions. Roles in planning, such as project planners and controllers; roles in analytics and insights such as project and data analysts; finance roles such as project accountants and controllers; governance and oversight roles such as PMO. There are wider titles to look at than just ‘project manager’.

There are also certain industries and firms that really utilise the graduate employee, especially those with mature graduate programmes such as in aerospace, engineering, construction, financial services and management consultancies. You can cast your net wide.

Part of the journey to finding that graduate placement is showing you have the resilience – the ability to bounce back after the many applications, tests and interviews. You are putting yourself in the race for the elite, the best graduates available, and that is never going to be easy.

One additional way to help with your own motivation levels is to seek out some employment whilst maintaining your graduate placement search. Gaining experience in an office-based role will not do you any harm, you never know there could be projects involved too.

If you would like any further help kickstarting your PM Career then why not consider a Career Clinic.

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