Project Management Q&A: How Can I Stand Out in a New Role?

I am not “experienced” in business analysis, but I really want to prove myself and contribute positively and stand out from the very start in a new role. What resource can you recommend for me to meet up with this task ahead of me?

It’s so interesting that you never know where you’re going to see a new opportunity – and sometimes others spot something in you or your resume that makes them think about a specific challenge or role they have to address or fill.

The hybrid Business Analyst and Project Manager role is quite common in a lot of organisation so going down this path will do you no harm at all, in fact, it could give you a competitive advantage over other Project Managers.

It sounds like the hirer knows that you are not massively experienced in business analysis but hopefully sees that you are capable and with the right support and guidance you will excel in the role/

In terms of your development in business analysis, check out the PMI Professional in Business Analysis (PMI-PBA) because that would be a perfect accompaniment to your PMP. You should also be aware of professional bodies devoted to business analysis too because your role as a Project Manager is to use approaches from different sources, blending them together to find the right fit for your organisation.

Good luck with the role, grasp it with both hands, it is a great challenge and opportunity to learn.

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