Is Your Project Management CV as Unique as You?

Data from this years Arras People Project Management Benchmark Report suggested that one of the key challenges for Project Management practitioners in 2018 will be “differentiating themselves in a crowded market”.

Having read that, it has been interesting to see a proliferation of Project Management practitioners who are spending their hard-earned cash on making themselves into a “me too candidates” with the use of CV writing services.

Reading as many CV’s as we do here at Arras People it is easy to pick up trends in the way that CV’s are presented as different templates come in and out of vogue. However, whilst a good template is a great starting place what really makes a candidate stand out and be unique is the way they present their experience, knowledge and skills  in a written format.

As a major part of project management is communication, the art of writing is a very important tool and one that can quite easily differentiate one candidate from another. The selection of words and the way language is used to paint the picture can have a major impact on the progress or otherwise of an application.

Whilst many recruitment processes use computer systems to scan for key words to assist recruiters in creating a shortlist it should never be forgotten that ultimately your CV will be read at some point by a human being!

So, going against all this advice we now have hundreds of CV’s in our database which share the following format, colour scheme and a surprisingly narrow selection of profile statements and key words.

Project Management CV


They are distinctive, in fact you could say too distinctive in that they immediately stand out as having been “bought” from the same CV writing service. Whilst the “writers” may be cashing in, the question for the practitioner is will you get a return on your investment?

We all know that putting a CV together is hard work but done correctly, it can be a highly rewarding exercise that allows practitioners to have a career retrospective and then pull together a profile that reflects what they have to offer a prospective employer. Have a read at some of the advice we have to get you started.

Seeing the same distinctive layout, colour scheme and wording makes a recruiter wonder who is the real person behind the CV? Is this a real picture of their skills and experience? Why can’t they put together a CV? Worse of all, having seen so many, can I be bothered to find out?

In terms of value, the only “trusted” information is the ‘where someone has worked’ details,  role title and dates which paints such a limited picture. So as a candidate you are narrowing your opportunity to sell yourself to a prospective employer.

It’s not quite “fake news” but as a reader I can’t help but become quite suspicious!



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