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In last year’s project management benchmark report; it was highlighted by hiring managers that after experience and sector knowledge – personality and personal approach were the reason why they hired the project managers they did. Throughout 2013 this troubled me because ultimately hiring managers make their first decisions to bring people in for interviews based on a candidate’s CV.

I think most people will agree that the CV is not the best place to try to inject too much personality – after all the document itself can’t be too long because then it just doesn’t get read. And then there is the nightmare of deciding how much personality to include in it without coming across as a bit of a jerk! No, the CV is about clearly highlighting what skills and experiences you have and what results and achievements you’ve made.

Describing “how you do something” personally in your job needs a mechanism that is different to a CV. And whether you love it or loathe it, Linkedin has taken that slot in “getting across your professional personality” in the recruitment process. Just a few years ago, checking someone’s Linkedin profile in the recruitment process was morally wrong – now everyones at it. If its in the public domain what’s the problem?

The great thing about including a URL link on your CV to your Linkedin profile is that you’re making it easier for hiring managers to check you out. Think, they’ve seen your 2/3 page CV and like the look of your skills and experience. Now they can see your Linkedin profile. Do you think just replicating your CV on Linkedin is going to add anything to the hiring manager’s decisions on whether to interview you or not?

No! The Linkedin profile, when used correctly, can grab or hook people into reading more about you – the really interesting stuff that makes you stand out from other applicants. Hiring managers want to see – or get a feel for – how you manage projects; programmes or whatever. It’s here in the Linkedin profile that you’re finally able to give hiring managers what they want – your personality and personal approach.

So what you waiting for? Start injecting some of personality and start showing people what they can expect to get when they hire you


If part of your new year plans is to find a new job or just maximise the number of contracts you get considered for, mastering Linkedin could work wonders for you.

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