Getting Ready For a Project Management Job Change

I’m thinking about a change in job this year, is there anything I can be doing now in preparation?

Like every good project professional you should start with a plan. Your plan should start with taking the time to get your resume up to date, then updating your Linkedin profile. Next you need to be thinking about what kind of opportunities you are looking for. It’s useful to carry out research on what is happening in the marketplace; who is sharing news about business growth, new strategies or innovations. Understand where the changes are happening in businesses and programmes and projects will likely be following.

Next in the plan is thinking about and planning how to use the multiple channels to market. Multiple channels will include; direct organisations, printed press/job advertisements, online job advertisements, recruitment agencies, networking, social media and so on. Now is the ideal time to make sure your connections are up to date on Linkedin, your network will be instrumental in helping you find the next role.

Start looking for new opportunities now even though you’re not necessarily ready to make the change just yet. Start to learn which channels look the most promising and what you will need to start getting the ball rolling.  Activities will include; updating the resume and profile, drafting cover notes, researching the market and potential organisations, contact building, researching preferred agencies or representatives, building online profiles for social media, attending project management events, sourcing preferred printed media for jobs and so on.

This might seem like a lot of pre work which will take a lot of time and you are right. “Failing to plan is planning to fail” and job hunting can be a frustrating process so it makes sense to do everything you can that is in your control before setting out on a new journey.


PM NetworkThese Q&As come from my column in PM Network – the membership magazine for the Project Management Institute. To find out more advice on getting ready for a new project management job, take a look at the Arras People career pages too, there’s loads of advice!

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