Want to manage a camel?

We set up this blog to share with you what we at Arras and you are thinking, reading and hearing.

We will post reviews and comments for you to consider and have your 2 penny worth to share with the Arras Community

There are some rules:

  • Avoid Typos (Ian M is dreadful in this area and gives us more than enough) we hate bad spelling!
  • Please no profanity (swearing) or slagging people off but feel free to flame on with positive intent
  • Be fair and think about all sides of a discussion and how your comments may be read and taken before hitting any buttons

Instructions to Blog – The Deal

  • We write pieces and on different topics and, share ideas and tell you what we are reading
  • We post articles, helpful hints for example on preparing for an interview and working with an agency written from a recruiters and project management perspective.
  • We add the pieces to the Arras Blog site
  • You read them and if the mood takes you add you your own thoughts (after checking for swearing and spelling) and read others comments’ as well.
  • To add your say “follow the directions” write in your comment and click ‘confirm’ and your say will be available to the world!
  • The knowledge is shared for the good of project management and recruitment.
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