The Winner of our Final iPad Mini is…

…Nicola Hearn of London!

Project Management Census 2013

Nicola was chosen as the recipient for a brand new, black iPad Mini  from a number of participants in the Project Management Census 2013, the pre-cursor to the ultimate compendium of the project management marketplace – our annual PM Benchmark Report. Your views and experience really are worth that much! Be sure to check out our previous winners, too!

Those of you who have already taken part prior to can still impact the outlook of project management for this year – same for those working on the periphery of project management, be they in human resources, as students or even those from outside the UK. All of you are welcome to take part in the PM Census 2013 today.

About the Arras People PM Benchmark Report

Learn more about the treasure trove of realisation uncovered by the PM Benchmark Reports since its inception in 2005:

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