The Tipoffs Podcast for September: Contracting

Each month, Arras People put out a pair of shiny new podcasts – one that doles out some quick hit careers advice (second Thursday of every month), and another that serves as a valuable compendium to our monthly Project Management Tipoffs newsletter (third Thursday of every month). Now, say hello to our little version of Tipoffs for September 2012.

Tipoffs Episode 31: Contracting PPMsIn this edition of project management tipoffs, we explore what you want to know going forward as a contract project manager. As it always serves as a great companion to our monthly Tipoffs podcast, be sure to also take a look at the September edition of Project Management Tipoffs for the latest ways the marketplace has been trending – not only in terms of opportunities and pay, but in terms of how many people are taking it up and why.

In this episode, the Tipoffs Podcast will cover two main areas that relate to contracting and project management recruitment:

  • If You’re New to Contracting, This is the Market You’ll Encounter, and;
  • What Do Umbrella Companies Actually Do, Anyway?

Though not in this podcast, we also encourage you to check out the newsletter for an article entitled “Getting Paid as a Contractor“.

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