Guest Blogger Previews Predictions for 2010

I arranged to meet a friend in a local coffee shop. He was late and sent a text message saying he was held up in traffic. While waiting, I started to think about what project management should be prepared for in 2010.

What was on my list?

  • Having a strong project office

Organisations need to take a more strategic approach to project management. This will mean a range of different things to different companies; however it should include development of a project list with associated priorities.

Only key strategic projects should be worked on and delivered – ‘nice to have’ are no longer nice, monitored by senior executives but managed by the project office.

The project office should ensure consistent project management practices are used throughout the company. They will also help identify needs and prescribe appropriate training…

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The 2010 Project Management Benchmark Survey is now closed
The 2010 Project Management Benchmark Survey is now closed

The 2010 Project Management Benchmark Survey from Arras People is now open to the public. The renowned survey and subsequent report is in its fifth installment and seeks the input of every project management professional we can reach out to for the most accurate read on the project management landscape yet. Relevant and topical, the Benchmark Survey delves into the areas project managers are most concerned with, including experience, salaries, rates & remuneration, green issues, project failure and accreditation, among others.

If you want to know what the benchmark in project management is, then you need to take the 2010 Project Management Benchmark Report. Give us your take today!

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