Project Management Recruitment Ideas – The Application Process

Each week I’m going to share some short tips and ideas that may help you in your job hunting and help you navigate the project management recruitment path. It’s often the simpliest and most common sense stuff that trips people up when looking for a new job.

The Application Process

When you see a vacancy you’d like to apply for, do you read all the way down to the bottom? Around 80% of candidates don’t read to the bottom of the advert, the part of the advert that will normally give direction on how to apply for the vacancy. A cover note may be needed covering your suitability for the role; a indicative salary or rate range might be required or details about your availability

If you’re not applying for the role in the way you’ve been asked to, the agency or organisation may feel that your attention to detail or ability to follow simple instruction is lacking.


Image © Ollie Crafoord and used with permission.
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  1. Hi Lindsay, I should say that I found your blog really interesting. Why?, because it has such a great name and I can relate on the content. LOL It happens to me once but luckily it was only a chat interview for my freelancing services. I just submitted my application without reading the complete job description. BTW, you might want to check my blog about Web Project Management

    1. Thanks Hope, I know it’s an obvious mistake but too many people make that same mistake over and over. This is good news for the few people that bother to read everything and follow the instruction; they made themselves stand out of the crowd!

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