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I’m marooned at home today due to the snowy conditions, just me, my laptop, internet connection and mobile, in fact the modern day job seekers tools. A few days of this and it could be a lonely (and quiet) experience. Any current job seeker will be familar with the above scene and those of you who are experiencing long term unemployment will be feeling the effects of repeated days of job seeking activity. Long term employment can have a devastating impact on anyone’s well being and that of their family, feeling “lonely, isolated and stigmatised and lost self-respect”* are common feelings and it’s difficult to maintain the energy levels required to secure a new post. In over seven years of project management recruitment I’ve spoken to many people who have been out of work for a while. Individuals normally fall into two camps – those who continue to see their job seeking as a full time job and those who have begun to sucumber to the daily dredge of job seeking and do so with a heavy (and often angry) heart.

You’ve probably guessed which group go on to secure a new role quicker and with less pain?

If you’re currently in a spell of long term employment you may be feeling like you’re not too sure what else to try, you think you’re looking in all the right places for a new job, think you’re pretty up on the job seeking techniques and have a pretty good CV – so why the drought? In the same report referenced above, “the frustration of insufficient jobs being available was the greatest disincentive to seeking work.” Yet there are jobs out there, and there certainly are posts for people within the project management industry.

So what could you do?

It helps to speak directly to a recruitment consultant that specialises in the project management industry. Why?

  • They know what employers are looking for today – what transferable skills, experience and capabilities
  • They know what makes a brilliant CV – and your tired industry focused, project focused, jargon littered CV it ain’t.
  • They know where you should be looking for a new job
  • They know how best to focused your efforts when looking at new roles
  • They know what recruitment agents and employing organisations like to see when you apply for an advertised role

Sounds good?

Unfortunately we both know that many agents wouldn’t give you the time of day to have this kind of chat – it takes time and effort to prepare for this kind of conversation and many are too busy talking to applicants for their posts who they think are placeable.

Luckily for you, Arras People provides just this kind of service and has been doing so for over three years and over 600 job seekers have benefitted from the service. The Project Management Careers Clinic is designed especially for job seekers in today’s project management job market.

Don’t suffer in silence – book a slot today and be ready to start your new job as a professional job seeker in the morning.

*Joseph Rowntree Foundation “Long-term unemployment and the threat of ‘social exclusion'”

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  1. I am an electrical engineer with experience who later decided to come to the UK fro a masters programme in Communication Network Planning and Management in a UK university. I have completed the masters program and has just got a 2 year Post study work permit. I am strongly interested in project management and as a result I have just passed the PRINCE2 Foundation exam. Please advice me on how I can start a project management career expecially in the UK
    I look forward to hearing from you

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