Hannibal, Face, Murdock or B.A?

The Project Management Team

Kids of the 80’s remember them well, every Saturday – well before the 9pm watershed – we tuned in to watch the four ex-US Army Special Forces vets on the run from a “crime they didn’t commit”. These mercenaries each had their own personality and style. John Smith, aka Hannibal, the cigar smoking big shot and leader of the pack. Templeton Peck, aka Face, the smooth talking looker with all the charm. H.M. Murdock, howling mad and as crazy as a soup sandwich. And finally B.A Baracus, bad attitude, gold chains and his fear of flying.

Together they made a team

But what about our world of project management – everyday we work in a team. It might not be the A-Team but we couldn’t resist asking our recently surveyed project managers who they most resembled from the infamous A-Team.

So was it Hannibal, the obvious choice as a leader through tough situations? Prehaps Murdock, thinking dangerously “outside the box”? Or did they opt for the charm and wit of Face as the key to survival? Maybe the irritable Barracus, the fix up guy?

You guessed it, 54% of project managers likened themselves to Hannibal with 26% opting for Face; 15% Murdock and only 5% opting for Barracus.

Hannibal: “I love it when a plan comes together!”

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