Covid-19: Business as Usual at Arras People

Like most other organisations Arras People are adapting to the new world brought about by the reaction to coronavirus. Naturally the health of our fellow citizens is at the top of the list of concerns at this moment in time and nearer to home we are dealing with self-isolations for a variety of reasons, whilst some of the team (for the time being?) remain in the office.

Fortunately, the Arras way has from day one back in 2002, embraced the call “do it from anywhere” so other than not having a full roster on the office, we are pretty much open for business as usual supported by our IT and telephony infrastructure.

We anticipate that hiring patterns for many organisations will change over the coming period as they re-organise their businesses and react to the new world conditions.

We also believe that programme and project management practitioners will continue to play a vital part in the recovery and bounce back to whatever become the new normal.

As such we will continue our work and be available to help clients old and new meet their hiring requirements be that permanent or contingent and at the same time we will be here to support the practitioner community maintain their state of readiness for when that call comes along.

For now, be safe and please consider the impact of your decisions on other people and of course, keep washing those hands!

John Thorpe 

Managing Director of Arras Services Ltd

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