Careers Advice Pod: Pay Rises & Juggling Job Offers

Two job offers at once – it’s a situation we’d all love to be in, isn’t it?

Well, think twice before you listen to this month’s edition of the Careers Advice Podcast from Arras People, because those who do find themselves in this situation are weighing some difficult realities. Today, Lindsay Scott is pleased to be with us to discuss an issue raised by one questioner, who is weighing the best move to make when deciding between a move into a traditional programme manager position, or heading up a brand new portfolio management office.

Also this month, a job candidate came to us convinced they had earned a pay raise, and that he didn’t know how to ask for it. We’ve often wondered how easy it is to overstep our bounds in asking for too much in our roles, but the information does exist that will help you assess and demand your worth effectively. Lindsay’s going to tackle that one for us as well.

Oliver Twist had his way of asking for more - thanks to our own Lindsay Scott, you'll find your voice calling for a pay rise
Oliver Twist had his own way of asking for more. Now, you can do the same.

Here’s how the questions lay out exactly:

  1. “I’m currently working as a senior project manager, and I have an opportunity to move into a programme manager position or head up a new portfolio management office. I’m unsure which opportunity is right for me.”
  2. “I’d like to approach my line manager about a raise in salary and I want to make sure I do my homework before making such an approach. How can I make sure my salary increase expectations are realistic?”

Oliver Twist image courtesy El Bibliomata @Flickr, re-used with permission

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