A shout out to our first MPMM victor!

Derek Huether is the winner of the very first Freedom of Speech February (FOSF) giveaway from How to Manage a Camel, as his comments last week on a blog post by Gary Holmes earned him a free copy of the Method123 Project Management Methodology (MPMM™) Professional from our partners at Method123.

Huether, who blogs regularly at The Critical Path, passed praise in his comments on a Holmes post regarding common courtesy and the little things candidates should do beyond merely sending in a CV. The goal for commenters in the FOSF exercise is to start a dialogue regarding issues in project management and job hunting, and Huether’s response to the author’s comments in his “The Most Important Thing is the Customer” post last Wednesday. Here is what he wrote in our Comments section:

Gary, excellent post! When I was working on getting my latest engagement, I followed several of your recommendations. When I telephoned, I made sure I was at a quiet location with no distractions. I smiled when I talked. It sounds crazy but I think it will translate in your speech. Immediately after, and I mean seconds after hanging up the telephone, I wrote a thank you correspondence. It was nothing more then a thank you note. (A direct and sincere thank you note) People can see right through BS if you say thank you merely as a lead to ask for something.

Even if things go badly, I believe it’s important to thank people for being gracious with their time. You may not get the job but you may be remembered as the really polite guy or gal. What else is free for you but can carry so much value to others?


Graciousness, a thank you note and the effective display of your politeness are all tidbits we can talk about freely in our comments box, and Derek’s desire to share this undervalued skill in our arsenal of tools could go a long way for any candidates who deem it as equally necessary of their job search efforts.

If you have tidbits like this that you want to share, there could be great reward for you as well. We have other MPMM tools on offer for free to lucky commenters throughout the month of February. You can start with this post, or delve into our new Archives listing for other posts you wish to comment on. Let freedom of speech ring in the project management world!

Leave a comment and be a part of our Freedom of Speech February, each week we will be giving away free project management methodology software licences to readers who provide comments, view, opinions or just other resources that other readers will find useful and interesting.


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