What’s To Like About AgilePM?

In this guest post, Julia Gosse talks about the new Agile Project Management framework.

So what’s to like about AgilePM?

It is a complete package incorporating enough structure to manage projects and an agile delivery method. You don’t need anything else to manage and deliver projects in an agile way. It is easy to understand and apply.

The DSDM consortium is a not for profit organisation behind AgilePM.  This approach is a result of 20 years of experience and based on continuous feedback from private and public sector projects.

Many of the agile approaches are based around ongoing product development and they are fine for that purpose. AgilePM recognises that a project environment is different from ongoing product development. It recognises that projects have a lifecycle and need to be investigated as to their strategic fit and a business case developed that defines the benefits and value that the deliverables will provide.  The lifecycle in AgilePM encourages this through Pre-project, Feasibility and Foundations.


There is a defined lifecycle taking the project from early conception right the way through to benefits realisation.


moscowThe DSDM philosophy is that any project should be aligned to clearly defined strategic goals and focus on early delivery of real benefits to the business.  “Early” being the important word. An agile approach should start to deliver benefit earlier than a more traditional project management approach.

The project is broken down into short, focused periods of time, each with clearly specified outcomes.  Work is divided into Timeboxes with immoveable deadlines and delivered through evolutionary development. The use of MoSCoW prioritisation ensures that the deliverables are continuously re-evaluated against the business priorities.

Throughout the project eight principles need to be upheld:


There are also five factors that need to be monitored to ensure that the spirit of agile is maintained throughout the project:

Embracing the DSDM approachEmbracing the DSDM approach

Effective Solution Development TeamEffective Solution Development Team

Business EngagementBusiness Engagement

Iterative Development, Integrated Testing and Incremental DeliveryIterative Development, Integrated Testing and Incremental Delivery



A very useful project approach questionnaire to help assess the viability of using the AgilePM approach on each project. The guide also gives some great advice on how to deal with situations that might not be as conducive to the agile way of working as it could be.


The roles required at the project and delivery team levels are defined with clear responsibilities.

The roles represent the Business, project Process and Technical Development required to manage and develop and deliver the project.

To get the best out of the approach a DSDM Coach is suggested.

A neutral Workshop Facilitator is important to enables a group to work together to achieve an agreed goal.

Who might find it useful?

Any organisation that is looking at using an agile approach, whether they already have a structured approach or not. It can be integrated successfully with PRINCE2 because the roles are complementary and the lifecycles are similar. What it does have that PRINCE2 doesn’t are roles defined for delivering the requirements.

It can also be successfully integrated with existing agile delivery methods, such as SCRUM, because the agile delivery methods are like most other agile delivery methods. What is does have, that SCRUM doesn’t, are roles defined for directing and managing the project.

AgilePM delivers an efficient and flexible agile approach to project management.


In her next article Julia talks about the differences between AgilePM and PRINCE2 Agile



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