Companies through their Boards are putting ever increasing performance demands on their Senior Executives. Not only do these roles carry responsibility for executing company strategy they also require delivery in an environment of compliance to ever increasing regulatory demand from many parties and appropriate accounting practices.

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Senior Leadership Project Management Resources

In this environment the risks that need managing to avoid failure are ever more complex and control & reporting without killing innovation is a very difficult balancing or rather plate spinning act!

A number of companies and organisations (public and private sector) are taking a portfolio or programme approach to achieving the strategic goals. This may start as the MD or CEO having a planning manager or project administration person assigned to them to independently collate reports to assist him in the management of the key projects within his organisation. More advanced managerial structures include the set up of a portfolio management office or centre of excellence, staffed by an experienced portfolio office manager.

The value of direct independent management and reporting is being recognised as a powerful way of ensuring that activities are managed not only within independent programmes, portfolios and projects but within Programme and Project Support Offices that are managed by role titles such as Programme Office Director, Programme Office Manager, Project Office Manager, Change Manager or Director of Change. The common thread being the job holders all understand delivery of projects is about the managing of time, money and quality of deliverables.

Portfolio and Programme Management Level Professionals

Good senior executive managers should have an excellent understanding of the roles programmes and projects play within their organisations, how programmes are strategically assembled from tactical projects to deliver company business objectives. The skill is being able to identify, plan and manage all these activities to produce a cohesive map that delivers the companies strategic objectives.

In any business, the target is always moving and that can make it harder to remember what came first – the project or the business objective – meaning reviewing all projects for the continuing validity of their outputs. Many managers and directors have worked in their market sector for a number of years gaining different levels of experience often supported by an MBA or similar qualifications.

Most people who are being managed are looking for leaders they can identify with and respect. Professional managers need to support their practical experience with professional qualifications and know how – most good management is not just about managing business as usual; it is about having change implemented to ensure results. To get change, you need “buy in” to changing by those who are being changed.

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Senior Leadership Project Management Resources

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