Tailwind Project Solutions

Tailwind is the thing that gets you home quicker. It’s the unseen force that moves in flight vehicles more quickly, providing them with an advantage… Tailwind Project Solutions is a boutique company formed by two like-minded people with a combined experience of 25 years in the project management world.  We have worked with some of …

Shore PMS Limited – Consultancy Services

Over the years, we’ve gained a lot of experience in dealing with the difficult aspects of Project Management. When a well-structured project has been executed smoothly, it can be easy to forget where the real challenges sometimes lie:   We can also provide advice and support to your organisation as it seeks to develop its …


The UK consulting firm where leading organisations look for support in managing successful change through projects and programmes. CITI  exists to add value to the organisations we work with, helping them overcome the challenges of turning strategy into reality through projects and programmes. We believe there is no one way; no ‘right’ way to create …

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