50 Top IT Project Management Challenges

Authors: Premanand Doraiswamy, Premi Shiv
Publisher: IT Governance

This book offers a focused and concise summary of 50 challenges facing today’s IT project manager. The authors draw on years of practical experience (rather than classroom theory) to outline these challenges and offer useful tips and advice on how to deal with them.

Managing Risk in Projects

Authors: Dr David Hillson
Publisher: Gower

“David takes the time to look at previously familiar concepts and put his own take on them to align with his Risk Management Strategy…What I found great about this book is the amount of time that David has contributed to developing concrete, useable strategies for combating risk.”

Management of Risk: Guidance for Practitioners

Authors: OGC
Publisher: Stationery Office

Draws on experience from a variety of experts from the public and private sectors. Sets out a framework for taking informed decisions about risk at a project, programme and strategic level to ensure that key risks are identified & assessed and that action is taken to address them.

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis

Authors: David T. Hulett
Publisher: Gower

Dr David Hillson describes Hulett’s book as “how to actually apply the statistical techniques of Monte Carlo analysis in a way that combines intellectual rigour with practical realism”. This book is all that & more: it provides a structured development of ideas for modeling all random and systematic effects on the schedule.

Project Risk Management: An Essential Tool…

Authors: D van Well-Stam, F Lindenaar, S van Kinderen, B P van den Bunt
Publisher: Kogan Page

A project is never without risks. An unforeseen problem or requirement can delay the whole process, causing havoc for everyone involved. Risk management is a structured form of risk control that unearths possible bottlenecks early and thus ensures that a project is both better managed and controlled. Project Risk Management is a practical and concise book that outlines a tried and tested approach that has been used successfully on a number of large projects.

Project Management Disasters: And How to Survive Them

Authors: David Nickson, Suzy Siddons
Publisher: Kogan Page

Examines the causes of project management failures and what can be learnt from them. This book focuses on risk management – identifying risks and strategies to deal with them; how to support and lead project teams when things go wrong; how to turn a disaster into something positive; and guidance on what not to do.

Exploiting Future Uncertainty

Authors: Dr David Hillson
Publisher: Gower

Exploiting Future Uncertainty is delivered in Dr Hillson’s engaging and informative style, familiar to anyone who has heard him speak. It avoids being dry, or prescriptive, or using jargon and technical terms; and delivers a series of ideas and themes to consider when introducing and operating processes to identify and manage uncertainty in a business.

Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis

Authors: David Hulett
Publisher: Gower

In Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis, Hulett has provided much more than a mere repetition of the ideas from his previous book, re-directed at cost; he has provided an approach that considers the interactions and coupling between cost uncertainty and schedule uncertainty in a complex project environment.

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management

Authors: Penny Pullen & Ruth Murray-Webster
Publisher: Gower

If you need to make sound decisions in important but risky situations; work with groups to identify, prioritise and respond to risks, deliver value and, along the way, ensure the credibility of the process and the resilience of your organisation, “A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management” is for you.

The Project Risk Maturity Model

Authors: Martin Hopkinson
Publisher: Gower

My initial expectation was that the model would focus on the maturity of the project risk approach, but it quickly became clear that it addresses the more fundamental issue of the risk to an organisation arising from the way in which projects are executed and embedded in the broader management processes.

Rescue the Problem Project

Authors: Todd Williams
Publisher: Amacom

Portland, Oregon-based project turnaround guru Todd Williams taps into the failure of projects and putting them back onto the road to success, start-to-finish. As a lifelong surveyor, purveyor and saver of projects gone haywire, Todd helps his readers through 70 real-world examples and guidelines to avoid problems from the outset, plus tracking of the root causes of the problem and steps to get things back on track.

Interfacing Risk and Earned Value Management

Authors: APM Risk Management & EVMSIGs
Publisher: APM

Undertaken by members of both APM’s Risk Management Specific Interest Group & the APM Earned Value Management Specific Interest Group, project managers and students/stakeholders in PM can get a better handle on properly combining risk & earned value efficiently through this book.

Project Manager’s Spotlight on Risk Management

Authors: Kim Heldman
Publisher: Jossey Bass

If you′re a typical project manager, you′re probably aware of the importance of risk management but may not have the time or expertise to develop a full–blown plan. This book is a quick and practical guide to applying the disciplines of proven risk management practices without the rigor of complex processes.

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Prioritising Project Risks

Authors: Martin Hopkinson, Paul Close, David Hillson and Stephen Ward
Publisher: APM

Undertaken by APM’s Risk Management Specific Interest Group, project managers and students/stakeholders in PM can get a better handle on risk management prioritising as it pertains to the critical path of your project through this book.

Study Guide for the PMI Risk Management Professional Exam

Authors: Abdulla J. Alkuwaiti
Publisher: Uae

A preparation guide to be used for benefit of passing the Risk Management Professional examination now available from PMI.

Practice Standard for Project Risk Management

Authors: PMI
Publisher: PMI

PMI’s official guide to risk management strictly in a project sense, attempts to define the aspects therein and aide project managers with the best practice on how to cope and manage risk effectively.

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