The One-Page Project Manager for Execution

Authors: Clark A. Campbell with Mike Collins
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

One of my guilty pleasures (I feel I can admit this amongst fellow PMs) is that I enjoy reading books about project management – and the seemingly endless array of philosophies, techniques and tools for getting the job done. And I must admit, when I read the rather ambitious title of this book, I was more than a little sceptical.

Arras Book of the Month: January 2011

Managing the Multi-Generational Workforce

Authors: Robert G. DelCampo, Lauren A. Haggerty, Meredith Jane Haney and Lauren Ashley Knippel
Publisher: Gower

The book is very US focused and aims to address the different generations and how these work together in business today.

The Lazy Project Manager

Authors: Peter Taylor
Publisher: Infinite Ideas

Peter has been able to enrich the content by using his stories and analogies to make a number of points, all of them common sense. Do the job, but do the job in the most intelligent way you can, so that you can be lazy when you can. That is my kind of project management. Peter’s book made this entertaining, yet useful for me.

Arras Book of the Month – October 2009

Management Level Psychometric and Assessment Tests

Authors: Andrea Shavick
Publisher: How To Books Ltd

If you’re faced with the dreaded statement “the interview will also include some testing – verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning”, this the handy tool to turn to. Organisations use SHL and this book has “37 genuine management-level practice psychometric tests from SHL Group plc”.

The Power of Interpersonal Skills in Project Management

Authors: Deborah H. Herting
Publisher: Infinity Pub

The Power of Interpersonal Skills in Project Management is a well-researched book that attempts to cover what is a very important and relevant topic for the project leader.

Project Management Demystified

Authors: Geoff Reiss
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Geoff Reiss takes a real-world, warts-and-all look at the experiences and skills of a project manager. He starts with the premise that a good project manager is unlikely to be recognised by their organisation; that if they run their projects well, they will remain invisible and that the only time their profile is raised is when their projects hit trouble.

Arras Book of the Month: May 2010

Now You’ve Been Shortlisted

Authors: Denise Taylor
Publisher: Harriman House

If you’re a project management professional and looking for a book to help prepare you for the testing elements of the recruitment process this might well be the book for you. Contrary to the by-line for the book –”Your step-by-step guide to being successful at interviews and assessment centres”– the vast majority of this book features the various tests that can be conducted during the process.

Managing Risk in Projects

Authors: Dr David Hillson
Publisher: Gower

“David takes the time to look at previously familiar concepts and put his own take on them to align with his Risk Management Strategy…What I found great about this book is the amount of time that David has contributed to developing concrete, useable strategies for combating risk.”

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis

Authors: David T. Hulett
Publisher: Gower

Dr David Hillson describes Hulett’s book as “how to actually apply the statistical techniques of Monte Carlo analysis in a way that combines intellectual rigour with practical realism”. This book is all that & more: it provides a structured development of ideas for modeling all random and systematic effects on the schedule.

Exploiting Future Uncertainty

Authors: Dr David Hillson
Publisher: Gower

Exploiting Future Uncertainty is delivered in Dr Hillson’s engaging and informative style, familiar to anyone who has heard him speak. It avoids being dry, or prescriptive, or using jargon and technical terms; and delivers a series of ideas and themes to consider when introducing and operating processes to identify and manage uncertainty in a business.

Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis

Authors: David Hulett
Publisher: Gower

In Integrated Cost-Schedule Risk Analysis, Hulett has provided much more than a mere repetition of the ideas from his previous book, re-directed at cost; he has provided an approach that considers the interactions and coupling between cost uncertainty and schedule uncertainty in a complex project environment.

A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management

Authors: Penny Pullen & Ruth Murray-Webster
Publisher: Gower

If you need to make sound decisions in important but risky situations; work with groups to identify, prioritise and respond to risks, deliver value and, along the way, ensure the credibility of the process and the resilience of your organisation, “A Short Guide to Facilitating Risk Management” is for you.

The Project Risk Maturity Model

Authors: Martin Hopkinson
Publisher: Gower

My initial expectation was that the model would focus on the maturity of the project risk approach, but it quickly became clear that it addresses the more fundamental issue of the risk to an organisation arising from the way in which projects are executed and embedded in the broader management processes.

Taming Change with Portfolio Management

Authors: Pat Durbin & Terry Doerscher
Publisher: Greenleaf

Reading the back cover (always good to do when reading a “textbook”), the bold claim is made: “While hundreds of books have been written about the various portions of this discipline, this is the first book to synthesize all the information into one definitive treatment of portfolio management”.

Arras Book of the Month: October 2010


One Project Too Many

Authors: Geoff Reiss and Geof Leigh
Publisher: Project Manager Today

Book Review: “Overall, I felt that linking the techniques into a story makes the information easier to relate to and retain, turning an otherwise dry subject into an entertaining read. Rating: 4.5/5”

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