Project Sponsorship

Authors: David West
Publisher: Gower

Project Sponsorship is one of the least well understood and enacted roles in the whole change management structures of organisations whether Public or Private sector. David’s book is well-structured and absolutely packed with detailed material on everything a Programme Manager, Project Manager or Programme Director would need to know how to do or supervise happening.

The Lifelong Project

Authors: Joseph Phillips
Publisher: Instructingcom, LLC

What could happen if you treated the next year of your life like a Project? That question is where The Lifelong Project starts. However, this is not a book about setting goals – but about achieving them. Written by Joesph Phillips, who, in his own words, had reached rock bottom and pulled himself back from the brink of the cliff by setting himself a challenge.

Early Project Appraisal

Authors: Professor Knut Samset
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Professor Samset’s book is about doing the right project, (as opposed to doing the project right) and about not starting impossible projects that deliver no value however well they are executed. His rationale for evaluating project concepts early, and thoroughly, is summed up early in the book with this description of the early stages of the project:

Essential Project Management Skills

Authors: Kerry Wills
Publisher: CRC press

To successfully deliver projects on time, on budget and within the required scope project managers should be able to deploy the correct techniques and methodology specific to their particular work context. However, amongst many other factors it is now recognised that certain skills are required to deliver projects in today’s rapidly changing business landscape.

Critical Chain Project Management

Authors: Lawrence P. Leach
Publisher: Artech House

This book purports to be for the professional [project manager] but makes constant reference to basic, and at times very basic project management principles or methods. There is a constant battle of pro and con between the author and Goldratt, and others, with the author proposing his thinking as preferable.

Arras Book of the Month: August 2010

Bid Writing for Project Managers

Authors: David Cleden
Publisher: Gower

This is Cleden’s second book after Managing Project Uncertainty, and he clearly draws upon his 25 years of working in public sector IT to provide this must read guide to conducting successful commercial bids. The book begins with an excellent preface, which helps to set the tone and the style of writing, as well as the author’s own recommendations on how to get the most from the text.

The Complete Guide to Project Management

Authors: Elle Bereaux
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Co

The Complete Guide to Project Management is aimed at new Project Managers & Project Assistants and endeavours to give them a complete overview of their new role. It takes the reader through the whole process of running a successful project and gives them the tools required to do so.

Arras Book of the Month – March 2010

The Little Black Book of Project Management

Authors: Michael C. Thomsett
Publisher: AMACOM

Michael C. Thomsett’s third edition in his nearly two decade revisions of The Little Black Book of Project Management may cause division, but this reviewer found it enhancing and insightful. The American-written and published Black Book features constant breakaway from endless text consistently, and critics of such style when employed here by Thomsett seem to be dust specs of over think and nitpicking.

Arras Book of the Month: April 2010

101 PM Problems and How to Solve Them

Authors: Tom Kendrick
Publisher: AMACOM

“…Kendrick’s latest offering, ’101 Project Management Problems and How to Solve Them’ takes a holistic view of Project Management as a discipline, and acts as an effective reference guide to Project Managers from all industries.”

Project Governance

Authors: Ralf Muller
Publisher: Gower

Like much in project management, communication is the key for effective governance at each level of the organisation and Muller’s book goes a long way to showing how to utilise effective communication to achieve a integrated governance model.

Arras Book of the Month – July 2009

International Project Management

Authors: Kathrin Köster
Publisher: Sage

The book covers a wide range of topics, but also purposefully leaves out many areas (this is understandable as one book cannot cover everything), and it is stated that other books cover these areas (alluding to wider reading).

Arras Book of the Month: July 2010

Green Project Management

Authors: Rich Maltzman, David Shirley
Publisher: CRC Press

But they even start to think beyond the challenges provided within your own enterprise. They question the greenality of suppliers and implement this into the decision making pro or con for each project.

The Project Management Communications Toolkit

Authors: Carl Pritchard
Publisher: Artech House

I decided to use it to find the best method of the project team communicating progress updates whilst I’d been away.

Tools for Complex Projects

Authors: Kaye Remington, Julien Pollack
Publisher: Gower

I think the authors have done a good job in both introducing the principles of ‘complex adaptive systems’ and then going on to answer the ‘so what’ questions, such as what tools and techniques can be applied to maximise the probability of success.

Arras Book of the Month: June 2010

The Project Manager’s Guide to Making Successful Decisions

Authors: Robert A. Powell, Dennis M. Buede
Publisher: Kogan Page

“…Whilst it’s great to read about all the things you should check, do and monitor that will ensure your project is on time, on budget and successful it is refreshing to find a book that helps answer the question: Where did my project go wrong?”

Project Success: Critical Factors and Behaviours

Authors: Emmanuel Camilleri
Publisher: Gower

What makes a project successful? Emanuel Camilleri in the book Project Success: Critical Factors and Behaviours has tried to answer that question. This book from Gower is the bible on getting it right, covering everything from the history of project management to managing information flow and organisational diagnostics.

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