Managing Successful Programmes (2011)

Authors: Rod Sowden
Publisher: AXELOS

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) is part of the Global Best Practice suite of publications, which helps organizations and individuals manage their projects, programmes and services consistently and effectively.

Project Sponsorship

Authors: David West
Publisher: Gower

Project Sponsorship is one of the least well understood and enacted roles in the whole change management structures of organisations whether Public or Private sector. David’s book is well-structured and absolutely packed with detailed material on everything a Programme Manager, Project Manager or Programme Director would need to know how to do or supervise happening.

The Contract Scorecard: Successful Outsourcing by Design

Authors: Sara Cullen
Publisher: Gower

Adoption and use of a contract scorecard demonstrates a maturing ability to manage commercial outsourcing arrangements. The process of designing the scorecard helps you nail down the key outcomes and avoid lack of focus, inconsistent objectives, hidden costs, indifferent service and deteriorating relationships with your contract partners

APM Introduction to Programme Management

Authors: Paul Rayner for the APM Programme Management SIG
Publisher: APM

The APM Programme Management SIG offers this informative, clear & concise introduction to the principles of programme management, tailored for the modern age of new technology, organisational change & a significant multitude of a programme’s components.

The NHS IT Project: The Biggest Computer Programme in the World…. Ever!

Authors: Sean Brennan
Publisher: Radcliffe Publishing Ltd

This volume examines the past, present and possible future of managing patient data. The reader is introduced to the layers of computing that will fit together to create a single patient record. Patient security and confidentiality are discussed, along with the practical issues surrounding the introduction of the programme.

The Success Healthcheck for IT Projects

Authors: J.A. Flinn
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

Aimed at those who manage, sponsor, own or deliver IT projects, “The Success Healthcheck for IT Projects” should help managers identify and address those projects which consume resources and yet don’t produce results for the business.

Enterprise Programme Management: Delivering Value

Authors: David Williams, Tim Parr
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

Conflicting views on this book – depends on what kind of information you’re specifically looking for. Many large scale projects are delivered over schedule and over budget. While being based around a set of techniques, this book describes an approach to programme management that outlines the skills and capabilities that organisations need to develop in order to manage change programmes effectively.

Programme Management Based on MSP Best Practice: A Management

Authors: J. Chittenden
Publisher: Van Haren

This title explains how programme management can enhance an organisation, with benefits to the management process, and enable successful business change. It also covers Business Case management, Quality management, and an overview of processes and products.

Programme Management Demystified: Managing Multiple Projects

Authors: Geoff Reiss
Publisher: Taylor & Francis

Reiss’ book offers a well structured guidance for project managers and consultants on how to manage multiple projects. With examples from an assortment of projects, the techniques of budgetary and cost control, project planning and matrix management are explained in an entertaining and spirited style.

Business Consulting – A Guide to How it Works

Authors: Gilbert Toppin, Fiona Czerniawska
Publisher: Economist

The ultimate guide for those using or planning to use business consultants – and for consultants themselves. In the last three decades of the 20th century the management consultancy industry grew at a cracking pace but increased scepticism about the value that consultants genuinely add, combined with the economic slowdown, has made life much tougher for the consulting industry.

59 Checklists for Project and Programme Managers

Authors: Rudy Kor and Gert Wijnen
Publisher: Gower

This book is aimed at people who are involved in, or are about to become involved in, a project or programme. If you feel your project and programme management competences can be improved, 59 Checklists for Project and Programme Managers will undoubtedly offer you useful suggestions.

IT Project Portfolio Management

Authors: Stephen S. Bonham
Publisher: Artech House

This groundbreaking book introduces you to a comprehensive approach to implementing Project Portfolio Management (PPM) to support and prioritise IT projects in both large and small companies.

Tourism Policy and Planning

Authors: David L. Edgell Sr., Maria DelMastro Allen, Jason Swanson, Jason Swanson, Ginger Smith
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann

If you enjoy psychology you’ll enjoy this book – there are hundreds of reviews out there but the parts I particularly enjoyed are the types of people – are you a connector, maven or salesman? You’ll be surprised just how it makes you think about yourself and other people you know.

A senior manager’s guide to managing benefits

Authors: Steven Jenner
Publisher: Stationery Office

BOOK REVIEW: “Buy lots of them (only £5.00), and distribute them wisely if you’re serious about managing benefits (and you should be, if you spend any money on projects in your organisation!).”

PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook

Authors: Craig Letavec, Dennis Bolles
Publisher: PMI

This handbook has been developed by the PMI’s specialist interest group – the PMOSIG. Topic areas include Project Portfolio Governance, the role of the PMO, stakeholder relationship management, getting your PMO on the right track, branding your PMO and the PMO Maturity Cube.

Managing Successful Programmes: Office of Government Commerce

Authors: Rod Sowden, OGC
Publisher: OGC

Combining rigour and flexibility, MSP helps all organisations – public sector and private, large and small – achieve successful outcomes from their programme management time and time again. With change a pressing reality for all organisations, successful programme management has never been more vital to success.

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