The Strategic Project Office

Authors: J. Kent Crawford
Publisher: CRC Press

Looking at what the differences are and the reasons the author gives to republish this as a second edition may be a good place to start to try and understand what changes have taken place in the arena over this period. In the preface the author suggests, I would say rightly that sound project management of individual projects is no longer enough.

Not PMO-In-A-Can

Authors: D. Andrew Buck
Publisher: Createspace

LINDSAY SCOTT’S REVIEW: “It’s a recommended read for anyone working in the area of PMO regardless of seniority or experience levels; I certainly learnt a lot, especially how general business management / practice impacts the PMO and how all PMOs need to understand business (not just programme and project management).”

An Inside Look at High-Performing PMOs (KINDLE)

Authors: J. Kent Crawford, Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin
Publisher: PM Solutions Research

AMAZON DESCRIPTION: “Reveals best practices of some of the most successful project management offices in the world–winners and finalists of the PMO of the Year award. The authors show how these high-performing PMOs deal with issues in five practice areas.”

The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Second Edition

Authors: Gerard M. Hill
Publisher: Auerbach Publications

AMAZON DESCRIPTION: “This book details how the PMO applies professional project management practices and successfully integrates business interests with project goals — regardless of whether the scope of the PMO is limited to managing a handful of specific projects or expanded to oversee the total practice of project management within the organization.”

PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook

Authors: Craig Letavec, Dennis Bolles
Publisher: PMI

This handbook has been developed by the PMI’s specialist interest group – the PMOSIG. Topic areas include Project Portfolio Governance, the role of the PMO, stakeholder relationship management, getting your PMO on the right track, branding your PMO and the PMO Maturity Cube.

Things Your PMO is Doing Wrong

Authors: Michael Hatfield
Publisher: PMI

Michael Hatfield has written an easy to read, easy to digest book outlining the problem areas when implementing a PMO and ultimately what makes PMOs fail.

Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O

Authors: Eileen Roden
Publisher: AXELOS

This core guidance from AXELOS describes why, when and how to use portfolio, programme and project Offices (P3O) models. It describes what a P3O is, defining the two key types of P3O, and goes on to answer the question posed by Senior Management: “Why have P3Os and what value-add do they bring to the organisation?”

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis

Authors: David T. Hulett
Publisher: Gower

Dr David Hillson describes Hulett’s book as “how to actually apply the statistical techniques of Monte Carlo analysis in a way that combines intellectual rigour with practical realism”. This book is all that & more: it provides a structured development of ideas for modeling all random and systematic effects on the schedule.

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