Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices: P3O

Authors: Eileen Roden
Publisher: AXELOS

This core guidance from AXELOS describes why, when and how to use portfolio, programme and project Offices (P3O) models. It describes what a P3O is, defining the two key types of P3O, and goes on to answer the question posed by Senior Management: “Why have P3Os and what value-add do they bring to the organisation?”

Practical Schedule Risk Analysis

Authors: David T. Hulett
Publisher: Gower

Dr David Hillson describes Hulett’s book as “how to actually apply the statistical techniques of Monte Carlo analysis in a way that combines intellectual rigour with practical realism”. This book is all that & more: it provides a structured development of ideas for modeling all random and systematic effects on the schedule.

Project Management Disasters: And How to Survive Them

Authors: David Nickson, Suzy Siddons
Publisher: Kogan Page

Examines the causes of project management failures and what can be learnt from them. This book focuses on risk management – identifying risks and strategies to deal with them; how to support and lead project teams when things go wrong; how to turn a disaster into something positive; and guidance on what not to do.

Exploiting Future Uncertainty

Authors: Dr David Hillson
Publisher: Gower

Exploiting Future Uncertainty is delivered in Dr Hillson’s engaging and informative style, familiar to anyone who has heard him speak. It avoids being dry, or prescriptive, or using jargon and technical terms; and delivers a series of ideas and themes to consider when introducing and operating processes to identify and manage uncertainty in a business.

Creating the Project Office

Authors: Robert J. Graham, Randall L. Englund, Paul C. Dinsmore
Publisher: Crisp Publications Inc

A good book for PMO Managers, if not only for the distinct lack of good books in the area of project offices.

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