Project Sponsorship

Authors: David West
Publisher: Gower

Project Sponsorship is one of the least well understood and enacted roles in the whole change management structures of organisations whether Public or Private sector. David’s book is well-structured and absolutely packed with detailed material on everything a Programme Manager, Project Manager or Programme Director would need to know how to do or supervise happening.

The Strategic Project Office

Authors: J. Kent Crawford
Publisher: CRC Press

Looking at what the differences are and the reasons the author gives to republish this as a second edition may be a good place to start to try and understand what changes have taken place in the arena over this period. In the preface the author suggests, I would say rightly that sound project management of individual projects is no longer enough.

Business Driven PMO Setup: Practical Insights, Techniques and Case Examples for Ensuring Success

Authors: Mark Price Perry
Publisher: Roundhouse

I attended a PMO Workshop in February 2011 where Mark Price Perry was delivering a workshop based on this book. If you’re looking for pragmatic practical advice on all things PMO this book is for you. Books like P3O are great for theoretical content however it lacks the practical aspects of setting up and running a PMO structure – especially in a business driven (read private sector) world. I took a lot of new things away with me from this book – and that’s after 12 years in and around PMOs – a must read.

The Program Management Office Advantage

Authors: Lia Tjahjana, Paul Dwyer and Mohsin Habib
Publisher: Amacom

The Program Management Office Advantage is a new text which also brings something to the PMO table. Ideally it should be read alongside P3O if you’re a practitioner, or given to senior management if they prefer a business book that not only delivers an overview but also just enough depth to be useful in decision making.

Arras Book of the Month: December 2009

The Project Office: A Key to Managing Projects Effectively

Authors: J. Davidson Frame
Publisher: Crisp Publications Inc

A small book but gives a straight forward view on how to implement a project office within an organisation. A great book for junior project support as it gives a good overview of each element of a project office. Not so good if you need in-depth information.

30 Minutes to Plan a Project

Authors: Trevor L. Young
Publisher: Kogan Page Ltd

Included this on the project office side because this is an excellent book to introduce project support to the science that is project planning!

The Project & Programme Support Office Handbook: Foundation

Authors: David E. Marsh
Publisher: Project Manager Today

The first of two handbooks/study guides that will assist you if you intend to take the ISEB examinations of the same name. Highly recommended for such test makers, a resource that delivers the basics and the advanced topics as well.

The Project and Programme Support Office Handbook: Advanced

Authors: David E. Marsh
Publisher: Project Manager Today

The second of two handbooks/study guides that will assist you if you intend to take the ISEB examinations of the same name. Highly recommended for such test makers, a resource that delivers the basics and the advanced topics as well.

The Agile PMO

Authors: Michael Nir
Publisher: The Leadership Series

BOOK REVIEW: “This is not a heavyweight book – you can read it from cover to virtual cover in about half an hour. Although it doesn’t go into detail describing the ideal approach (which in any case would differ in the detail from organisation to organisation), for me just as much of the real value in this book comes from the examples of what not to do and how that leads to failure. Well worth the purchase price.”

Not PMO-In-A-Can

Authors: D. Andrew Buck
Publisher: Createspace

LINDSAY SCOTT’S REVIEW: “It’s a recommended read for anyone working in the area of PMO regardless of seniority or experience levels; I certainly learnt a lot, especially how general business management / practice impacts the PMO and how all PMOs need to understand business (not just programme and project management).”

An Inside Look at High-Performing PMOs (KINDLE)

Authors: J. Kent Crawford, Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin
Publisher: PM Solutions Research

AMAZON DESCRIPTION: “Reveals best practices of some of the most successful project management offices in the world–winners and finalists of the PMO of the Year award. The authors show how these high-performing PMOs deal with issues in five practice areas.”

The Complete Project Management Office Handbook, Second Edition

Authors: Gerard M. Hill
Publisher: Auerbach Publications

AMAZON DESCRIPTION: “This book details how the PMO applies professional project management practices and successfully integrates business interests with project goals — regardless of whether the scope of the PMO is limited to managing a handful of specific projects or expanded to oversee the total practice of project management within the organization.”

A senior manager’s guide to managing benefits

Authors: Steven Jenner
Publisher: Stationery Office

BOOK REVIEW: “Buy lots of them (only £5.00), and distribute them wisely if you’re serious about managing benefits (and you should be, if you spend any money on projects in your organisation!).”

Leading Successful PMOs

Authors: Peter Taylor
Publisher: Gower

There are plenty of books “out there” on project management tools and techniques, and plenty about setting up and running Project Management Offices (PMOs). Peter Taylor has set out to write a book to guide all would-be and current PMO leaders, focussed on leading PMOs rather than managing them.

PMOSIG Program Management Office Handbook

Authors: Craig Letavec, Dennis Bolles
Publisher: PMI

This handbook has been developed by the PMI’s specialist interest group – the PMOSIG. Topic areas include Project Portfolio Governance, the role of the PMO, stakeholder relationship management, getting your PMO on the right track, branding your PMO and the PMO Maturity Cube.

Things Your PMO is Doing Wrong

Authors: Michael Hatfield
Publisher: PMI

Michael Hatfield has written an easy to read, easy to digest book outlining the problem areas when implementing a PMO and ultimately what makes PMOs fail.

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