Management of Portfolios (MoP)

Authors: OGC / Craig Kilford
Publisher: Stationery Office

This guidance from OGC (published in Feb 2011) looks at portfolio management;
It will help you make the right investment decisions with regards to what projects and programmes (change initiatives) you should buy for your organisation, i.e. those that will contribute most to your strategy. MoP will also help you make sure those investments actually deliver the bang you were promised for the buck you invested.

Our Iceberg is Melting: Changing and Succeeding Under Any Conditions

Authors: John P. Kotter, Holger Rathgeber
Publisher: Macmillan

FROM AMAZON: “This charming story about a penguin colony in Antarctica illustrates key truths about how deal with the issue of change: handle the challenge well and you can prosper greatly; handle it poorly and you put yourself at risk. The penguins are living happily on their iceberg as they have done for many years.”

Managing Change and Transition

Authors: Mike Beer
Publisher: Harvard Business Essentials

“Managing Change and Transition offers comprehensive advice and tools for controlling stress levels and sharing information during transition. Packed with timely answers, this is an indispensible guide for managers everywhere.”

Taming Change with Portfolio Management

Authors: Pat Durbin & Terry Doerscher
Publisher: Greenleaf

Reading the back cover (always good to do when reading a “textbook”), the bold claim is made: “While hundreds of books have been written about the various portions of this discipline, this is the first book to synthesize all the information into one definitive treatment of portfolio management”.

Arras Book of the Month: October 2010

Smart Things to Know About Change

Authors: David Firth
Publisher: Capstone

Smart have a whole series of books on different subjects – all well written and informative.
This book looks at change in respect of its impact – in organisations and in individuals.

All Change! The Project Leader’s Secret Handbook

Authors: Eddie Obeng
Publisher: Financial Times/Prentice Hall

Obeng helps you diagnose your project and identify the types of issues you are facing. It provides you with the methods, tools and framework you need to get your projects implemented. Written from your point of view, it accepts that your life is already busy and pulls out the core which yields big results.

Leading Change

Authors: John P. Kotter
Publisher: Harvard Business School Press

This is perhaps the best (and easiest to read) book on change management that has ever been written. Kotter sets out an eight stage process that organisations need to follow to reap the benefits of transformational change, including “Establishing a Sense of Urgency”, “Creating the Guiding Coalition”, and “Developing a Vision and Strategy”, to name a few.

Project Change Management

Authors: H. James Harrington, Daryl L. Conner, Nicolas S. Horney
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Inc.

In your projects have you ever been faced with resistance to change? Interesting book to have to hand and dip into when stuck or want to see other ideas at whatever stage of the project you are at. A must read If you are involved in project management and want to understand how change management ideas might compliment what you as a project manager are trying to achieve. (A handy CD-ROM is available with some versions.)

Directing Change: A Guide to Governance of Project Management

Authors: APM Governance of Project Management SIG
Publisher: APM

Undertaken by members of both APM’s Governance of Project Management Specific Interest Group, board members & stakeholders alike can use this guide to better appreciate the best practices for oversight of project management in their business.

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