Arras Services Ltd is committed to equal opportunities for all, both as an employer and in its role as an agency. As such, we aspire to reflect our diversity values in our internal recruitment procedures as well as our work ethics as a recruitment agency. We are committed to a policy of equal opportunities for all and shall adhere to such a policy at all times.

Arras treats everyone equally and shall not unlawfully discriminate within the meaning and scope of the provisions of all existing as well as all imminent equal opportunities legislation, including but not limited to; the Equality Act came into force on 1 October 2010; the Race Relations Act 1976, the Sex Discrimination Act 1975, the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, the Employment Equality (Sexual Orientation) Regulations 2003, the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003, the Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 or any other legislation relating to discrimination. Moreover, Arras reviews, on an on-going basis, all aspects of recruitment to avoid unlawful or undesirable discrimination or harassment on those grounds.

Arras is committed to providing ongoing equal opportunities training for its staff and our staff are obliged to respect and act in accordance with this policy.

Arras is committed to treating all full-time and part-time workers and job applicants (actual and potential) fairly and selection of employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be based on relevant merits, aptitude and ability. In addition, Arras does not directly or indirectly discriminate when deciding which candidates are submitted for a vacancy or assignment or in any terms of employment or engagement. Arras ensures that each candidate is assessed solely in accordance with their merits, qualifications and abilities to perform the relevant duties as required by the particular vacancy.

Furthermore, Arras will not accept instructions from clients that indicate that an element of discrimination will be brought to fruition unless there are genuine occupational requirements or other legislative exceptions detailed in the instructions. It is our intention to work with organisations that have a similar approach to equal opportunities as Arras.

Workers who believe they have suffered any form of discrimination, harassment or victimisation are encouraged to raise the matter with Arras. Any complaint will be dealt with seriously and without undue delay.

Any breach of this policy by employees of Arras will be treated as misconduct, or in the case of serious breaches, gross misconduct. Where appropriate, disciplinary action will be taken, which could in serious cases, lead to dismissal with or without notice or payment in lieu of notice. In addition, individuals can be held personally liable for acts of discrimination/ harassment that they commit, authorise, contribute to or condone.

This policy is not contractual but is a statement of the current Arras policy. Arras reserves the right to amend the policy as necessary to meet any change in requirements.

Last updated September 2017

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