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Porfolio Management Roles

Portfolio Management Roles We Recruit

Portfolio Management Recruitment Project ProgrammeWhat is Portfolio Management (PfM)?

Portfolio management is the name given to describe an organisation's entire programme and project activity, specifically linking all the programmes and projects to the strategic goals of an organisation. Portfolio management has become increasingly popular due to the ability to link the high level corporate goals with successful outcomes and realised benefits from the programme and project delivery.

Portfolio management is fundamentally a process which enables an organisation to choose which programmes and projects they should be delivering in order to meet corporate objectives - in other words "Doing the right programmes and projects" as opposed to just concentrating on best practice programme and project management; "Doing the programmmes and projects right"

The Office for Government Commerce (OGC) defines portfolio management (PfM) as;

"Portfolio Management is a co-ordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable the most effective balance of organisational Change and Business as Usual.....a corporate, strategic level process for co-ordinating successful delivery across an organisation’s entire set of programmes and projects"

Whilst the Association for Project Management (APM) defines portfolio management as;

"Portfolio management is the selection and management of all of an organisation’s projects, programmes and related business-as-usual activities taking into account resource constraints. A portfolio is a group of projects and programmes carried out under the sponsorship of an organisation. Portfolios can be managed at an organisational, programme or functional level"

February 2011 sees the launch of new guidance - Management of Portfolios (MoP) - from the OGC, with a new qualification available shortly afterwards.

>> For more information on Management of Portfolios

You can also read more about the launch with the Arras People newsletter focused on portfolio management


Portfolio Management roles we recruit include:

Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management


OCR, the leading UK awarding body worked with Arras People for a strategic and senior manager to head up the division portfolio; responsible for over £20M of business. The Portfolio Manager needed to demonstrate previous experience in delivering objectives from the strategic vision of the organisation; management the portfolio of programmes and projects.

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