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Becoming a Freelance PM

Becoming a Freelance PM

What is right for me?

Whether you are an established project management contractor or considering taking the step for the first time it is important to consider all the available options regarding how you establish your trading arrangements in order to maintain your legal compliance. 

As you will no longer be on the payroll of the organisation that engages you, all the burden of taxation, record keeping and adherence to the law will need to be considered.

Project Management contractors will generally decide upon one of three common solutions when organising their affairs; Limited Company, Umbrella or Sole Trader all of which have there pro’s and con’s.

The companies and specialised accountancy service providers listed in the directory offer a wide range of options which look to offer support and advice based upon your particular circumstances. As a freelance contractor you have a range of services from which to choose including insurance and pension options as well as potential pitfalls such as IR35 and the AWR (Agency Worker Regulations) to consider.

These specialist organisations can work with you to provide professional advice and the necessary support services to ensure that you can focus on the job in hand rather than the necessary back office functions.

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Agency Workers Regulations


The Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) came into force in the UK on the 1st October 2011. Find out more about AWR and how it might affect your work status as a contractor or temporary worker