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Project Management Education Directory

Universities You Might Consider

Programme and Project Management Courses

Which university is right for your PPM career path? Anything local that allows for part-time study as you continue your career? The Higher Education Directory from Arras People has the lowdown on which UK universities are offering degrees based on project management disciplines. Find ones in your geographic area, your specific concentration, or just get a feel for what might be available to you down the road.

Courses in PPM

Project & Programme Management Degree Courses

There are plenty degree courses with a project management concentration available now from UK universities. Our Directory of Higher Education's degree listings provide a database of up-to-date information on what's available. Find degree programmes that fit you best at this point in your career, be it Bachelor's or Master's degrees, sector-specific concentrations, or even diplomas and professional certificates.

PM Higher Education Newsletter

Project Management Higher Education Courses

With project management degrees now becoming more of the norm across our universities, Project Management Tipoffs applauds the new graduates and wonders if the marketplace is ready for their expertise. Through discussions with our LinkedIn group members, the APM forums and survey results, we try to make sense of the role for today's project management graduate.