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PPM Resources & Links

Links to Project and Programme Management Resources

Arras People's links and resources page has been put together to help you find additional information about project management, programme management or project offices.

We are constantly looking for good quality links and resources to help you enjoy your web experience more, so your help is always appreciated.

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PPM Resources

See all the programme and project management links available on the Web from our Arras People database

PPM Associations

See all the programme and project management professional associations

PPM Community

See more about the problems and issues Project Managers deal with, and the communities to talk about them in

PPM Careers

Learn more about Careers websites & advice geared toward project and programme management professionals

Higher Education Courses

Publishing Partner

See more information on the publishing partner of both Arras People and Project Management Tipoffs

PMO Resources

See more on all the available external links that delve into PMO, programme office and project office matters

Project Management Forums

Learn more about the forums and discussion websites geared toward the practices and job roles central to project management

Other Sites of Interest

Learn more about the great wealth of sites that delve into projects-related matters, including recruitment and jobs.